Not many people expect nor anticipate things like that to happen, though it’s always best to be prepared in anticipation of it.

// Yes.

// I do have this connection now, however, so unless it is also tracked down I should not suddenly vanish from this channel again.

// …I will be taking precautions in that regard as well.

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sonicblur transmitted,


// …

// query: You are not normally meant to be one?

sonicblur transmitted,

HELLO, THERE, METAL SONIC -just a floating, talking mass of dark energy, yes-

// …

// Greetings.

// scanning…

// conclusion: ??? energy being ???

// … *Tempted to reach out and wave a claw through the energy.*

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Does anyone know where I can find cheap buttons/switches? For a circuit sort of thing? Trying to make something for a friend but have no idea where to get them, and haven’t been able to find on ebay at the moment. d: And I’d prefer not to use something like… I dunno, paperclips, moving wires. Though I guess I could resort to that if needed.]]

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[[ffklrj must sleep.]]

[[I’ll finish that picture of Galacta tomorrow and reply to anything same, though it may be late-ish. I won’t have time to reply to anything before my Japanese class like I usually try to do. If there’s anything, please stick in my inbox. ^^;]]